Friday, April 1, 2011

Round 3: Summary [Silly Fanart]

Like you guys never do this! orz I'm separating the classy from the crassy maybe... Last may I had an artist alley table at AnimeNEXT with a few of my friends, and I took the chance to mess around with a few different techniques.

I think these are the "best" examples of this one type of art I'd do, where I'd draw pen-line outlines, and then fill/color each in a mostly-cell kinda way. Actually, these got turned into bookmarks and sold pretty well. Haha.


In a similar anime/cartoon style (w/o color), its a set of "bodily fluid goth loli" L to R: Poop Prince, Period Princess, P Princess, and Vomit Prince. So handsome!


I'm the only one who thought this joke was funny, but that's okay. I have other things I did, but they're even worse than these lol.


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