Friday, April 1, 2011

Round 4 : Summary [Junky-Funky]

Even without the incentive of being a illustration major, I'd experiment with a lot of really illustrative work when I had the free time (aka silly and fan art and whatever). Here's some of the stuff I did before I actually started taking illustration classes:

A vector/vexel design I did for a pack of business cards for my old blog/deviantart. I got them printed at the local print shop and cut them out by hand lol. Now they're all gone! I don't think I got a lot of follows from the excursion, though, lol.

(what the business cards looked like!- some are red, some are yellow :) )


I did a few posters for my school's Student Activities office. It was really exciting cause they're get printed really big and pretty and I'd feel like a beast (especially since I got paid by the hour). I was still learning a lot about photoshop, so it was taking @@;;; so long haha.... I won't it would probably still take that long for me. This one in particular is for a trip to see the local Roller Derby team.




Characters me and a few friends made up, they're like... fast food warrior sentai or... something, haha >; kind of a secret until we get our act together.


One more, this one is ketchup.


The last of the "original art" I felt like uploading (lol)... I just was bored last may and started designing random characters. I like these two, weird mushroom creature and a sexy bunny king or something, idrk. He wants to start a band but the other characters just want to eat him (was the idea).



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